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Project Description
The first .Net library for integrating TrueCrypt basic functionality (such as mount and dismount volume) in your application.

After researching in the web for methods to integrate TrueCrypt in application with more support than command line arguments, I decided to get the TrueCrypt’s source code and try to understand it for mount (initially) volume from a VB.Net console application, after some days of success developing, I decided to start writing this library.

This project started developing on 19th January 2014.

If you need a new function, contact me through the Discussions tab

This project was created before the end of TrueCrypt project, and this project don't replace the original one in order to fix the security issues that caused (really?) the end of development. This project has only the scope to make an interpreter between your own project and TrueCrypt driver.

Versions changelog
  • 1.1.x not yet released (planned for November/December 2014)
    • Add support to mount volumes and partitions
    • Add support to create encrypted file containers or volumes/partitions
  • 1.0.43
    • Initial release
    • With this version you can mount a file container and dismount everything. The mount process supports KeyFiles and all the options provides by TrueCrypt during mounting (Readonly, Removable, ProtectHiddenVolume, etc etc)

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